Fractions, at home and away.

So one day recently I was bored, and then the following rushed onto the page:

Half of a big pizza is equal to two small pizzas – rewrite this in as precise way as possible.

one quarter

Is this 3 hours or 1/4 of a pizza?

How many hours equals 1/4 of a pizza?

Apologies to those for whom a clock face is a historical artifact.

How do I know it’s a pizza and not a cake?

Does half a day include half the night?

There are four feet in our yard, mine and my sister’s.

Would you prefer 1/2 of a round pizza or 1/2 of a square pizza?

Are ratios numbers or fractions (or neither) ?

Fractions are parts of the same whole. OK, I’ll have 5 quarters of that pizza (5/4 is a fraction, isn’t it?)

You cut, I choose !

This year fractions are parts of a whole. Next year fractions will be numbers. I guess the other party won the election.

2/3 and 4/6 are equivalent fractions. Equivalent to what ?

The word “fraction” has the same root as “fracture”. So something got broken. I think it was my faith in common sense.

The Common Core test question asked – How long is 3.25 hours. This could be 3 hours and 25 minutes or 3 hours and 15 minutes. I guess it depends on the grade level.

Back to the heavy stuff next time !


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4 responses to “Fractions, at home and away.

  1. I take umbrage with this one: The Common Core test question asked – How long is 3.25 hours. This could be 3 hours and 25 minutes or 3 hours and 15 minutes. I guess it depends on the grade level.

    I don’t think there is any grade…Common Core or not…that would say that 3.25 would be three hours and 25 minutes.

    Other than that, I think the other questions have merit and are food for thought!

    I’ll have to check out your related posts.

    • The whole post was an attempt to see things from an everyday perspective, that is, how do kids and adults use fraction jargon in normal life. Of course the question has the correct answer “three and a quarter hours”, but the real world outside of scientific and technical writing never uses decimal parts of an hour. If the question had said “How many minutes is 3.25 hours?” it would have been less open to misinterpretation. Even better, for the purposes of testing understanding of decimal fractions, would have been “How many minutes is 3.2 hours?”. I know that in the US time is written with a colon, as in 3:25, or 18:30, but even this has its weird side, as in 18:00 read as eighteen hundred hours. In the UK 3.25 actually means 25 minutes past 3 !

      • ps. I think that the CCSSmath is generally admirable. My other posts are specific concerns about mathematical aspects of the content.

      • I should have figured that UK would use 3.25 to mean 25 minutes past 3. My husband, who is a Scot, is forever surprising me with weird ways of saying things!

        P.S. Can you tell I’m touchy about the often bad press that the CCSSM gets? I think that, for the most part, its K – 8 standards are well written and are an improvement over what has been taught in the past. I think that the HS standards could be whittled down a bit, but am still a fan.

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