Euclid and the Sword

If you want to know more about Euclid and his influence, especially outside mathematics, read this. It is fascinating.

Boxing Pythagoras

I have written, often, about one of my personal heroes from history, Euclid of Alexandria, who wrote a textbook called Elements which would serve as the foundation for all Western mathematics for 2000 years. You may recall that, outside of his name and a list of his writings, we know almost nothing about Euclid. We know nothing of his birth, or his schooling, or his politics. We don’t know if he traveled extensively or if he was relatively sedentary. We don’t know if he was tall, short, fat, skinny, handsome, or ugly. However, one thing we do know is that Euclid’s work, though purely mathematical, bore a tremendous influence on a wide variety of fields of knowledge.

Euclid’s Elements set out to prove the whole of mathematics deductively from very simple definitions, axioms, and postulates. Deductive logic provided a sound and absolute basis by which mathematics operated for every man…

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  1. I really like the blog Boxing for Pythagoras. Do you know if I can subscribe to it via email?

    • I just clicked on “follow”, and I got a confirmation email that I would be getting emails. If this doesn’t do it then I think you may have to be logged into WordPress, or even have a wordpress site. Then you will have the “Blogs I follow” list, with an EDIT, where you can specify email or not, and also frequency. Or you could go to the Boxing site and leave a message on the ABOUT page. Best of luck.

My wordpress emails suddenly disappeared last night ??????

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