Common Core math testing – oh dear!

You should all read this, from the Washington Post October 2013.

“Why are some kids crying when they do homework these days? Here’s why, from award-winning Principal Carol Burris of South Side High School in New York”.

Here is the actual test paper (for 5-year-olds), to save you time:

the-math-test NY grade 1 Pearson

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One response to “Common Core math testing – oh dear!

  1. I looked at the test, and beyond what you pointed out, it occurs to me that many first graders would have trouble reading this test. For instance, the phrase “related subtraction sentence” is beyond the grasp of many five-year-olds. My college age son has told me that when he was in first grade and read a test that had an unfamiliar name, like the “Faiza” in the example, he would be so disoriented by this new word that it would be hard to move on.

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