From Papert to Why the Lucky Stiff: What’s Out There Today for Young Programmers?

Kids should feel that computers are not mysterious devices, but can be told what to do, if only very simply. READ THIS – – – – –

Teacher Learns to Code

As the 2014 Hour of Code challenge offered by draws near (Dec. 8-12), I wanted to spend a little time with the history of what has gotten us to the place we are in today. To many educators, the ideas of edtech and coding in schools still seems far off and mysterious.  However, the innovators who embrace these ideas are incorporating them into learning experiences and seeing children become inspired and motivated by code.

From 1980 to 2003, technology moved forward, but what moved backward? Examined through the lens of two thinkers: Seymour Papert and Why the Lucky Stiff

Why the Lucky Stiff (_why) was “a prolific writer, cartoonist, artist, and computer programmer notable for his work with the Ruby programming language” (Wikipedia). Seymour Papert was a mathematician and professor at MIT. He was one of the creators of the Logo programming language (remember the turtle?) and author of…

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One response to “From Papert to Why the Lucky Stiff: What’s Out There Today for Young Programmers?

  1. Thanks again for the reblog!
    By the way I am working on your little test. I know how to do it, but am working through the steps to doing it the best way. (This is how I approach these things I’ve noticed…I learn a concept or skill, and then I try to do it as many different ways as possible to make sure I really understand it. It’s slow, but effective I think!)

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