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Maths is not special

A math(s) teacher from England, where things are not quite as bad as in the USA, tells it like it is I love it ! So will you !

Solve My Maths

I’ve been thinking recently about the ‘state’ of maths education in the UK. I’ve been thinking about the general disdain for maths that often stems from parents, which in turn originates in the teaching they experienced, and no doubt their parents before them, ad infinitum. I decided to view it from a different perspective for a change. Sadly the conclusions I came up with were not great. Consider this an executive summary:

1. Maths is not special.

2. Maths is not maths at all.

If we overcome these two minor points, then we’ll all be fine. What’s that? They’re not minor? I suppose you’re right. Ho hum.

1. Maths is not special.

Let me be clear. Mathematics is special to me. I love it, and this blog is a kind of ‘duh’ testament to that. But should it be considered in such high regard (perhaps the wrong words) at school?…

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