A change from math – my garden in Puerto Rico

Ten years ago I came to Puerto Rico, to Mayaguez on the west coast, to a house with the usual vast expanse of nicely trimmed grass. Now I have the controlled jungle I always wanted. More time spent cutting things back or down than spent trying to get things to grow.
annual leaf
One leaf like this each year. A less successful part of the jungle.
My flamboyan tree. Best year ever for flowers.
flamboyan from below
And here from underneath.
monster plant
The monster plant. From 1 foot to 6 feet in 8 years, and prickly.
Ginger. Later the flower grows baby plants and more flowers.
baby apple bananas
Small apple bananas. Guineo manzano. Up to 300 on one stalk.
name unknown by me
I don’t know the name of this one, but it is 6 feet high and growing.
not weed
Definitely not weed.
voyager palm 2
Voyager palm, it flowered three times this year.
fancy bromelia
A fancy bromelia.weird fern tree
This is a fern, tree sized, with its annual one foot high flower.

There’s more, but I have to go out and cut some strays.

I am quite sure that there is math growing here, waiting to be spotted.


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6 responses to “A change from math – my garden in Puerto Rico

  1. Now that’s a garden. I guess the math is fractal-shaped. Here in the Uk I cut my second cucumber, my first zucchini and admired my struggling sweet peas. Do you have critter problems? I do recall the surprise we both had when in the US I was deadheading some geraniums when I disturbed a basking copperhead. He promptly fled into the basement and may still be there.

    • Not real problems with critters, just excitement. A neighbour’s chicken, a 5 foot boa, 10 inch long 1 inch wide red centipedes, a scorpion, spiders galore, a medium sized crab, flying cockroaches and beetles, big ones, an iguana with a 2 foot vicious tail, really ugly, not native. It’s fun! And mosquitoes, millipedes, bullfrogs, and the puertorrican coqui, a cute little frog which says coq – ki fo hours on end after the rain.

  2. Wow, Howard – what a beautiful Jungle! Congratulations on creating the space you wanted and thank you for sharing the pictures.

  3. Impressive and beautiful!! I also don’t understand the obsession with nicely trimmed grass – on contrast to letting suitable plants grow and just control them a bit.
    Which edible vegetables are grown in ‘typical’ gardens in your place – and what do you grow?

    • We have a panna tree (popularly thought to be the breadfruit, but I disagree), bananas, plantains, naranja (an orange type, not as orangey), avocado, and a dominican guava (the yellow one). I grew some okra once, but each plant produces one pod at a time, so you need 10 to 20 plants, but a few days later you get another pod from each, eventually getting really fed up of okra (gingambo). The ground here is a hard red clay, and I have given up trying to “till the soil”. Other people grow the roots, nyame (n tilde), yautia, apio (a sort of parsley root), and berenjena (egg plant). There are other weird things here as well. I like most of them, but some are quite disgusting !

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