Saving American Higher Education, but how?

I found the following article ” The Coddling of the American Mind” while rooting about, after finding what I was looking for.

Read it, or at least some of it, as it is quite long. The fear of being upset is screwing the college sector, and my guess is that the UK won’t be far behind. “You can’t say that. We shouldn’t be reading that. Someone will be traumatised”, and so on. All must be protected. It is the death of critical thinking.



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2 responses to “Saving American Higher Education, but how?

  1. Hi Howard, check these out: I’ve only watched the Peter Hitchins one and the one that has been removed. The one that was removed was in opposition to Peter and I think the poor girl must have got so much abuse for what she was saying. The rest of the videos are still up though 🙂

  2. Oh dear, “level pegging”, not “not far behind”.
    Thanks for the link. I think I still have my life membership card for the Oxford Union.
    I read that “Soon computers will be able to read your thoughts”. Then what? George Orwell was so spot on, but it took a little longer. And Windows10 will keep a record of everything you do on your computer, unless you take complicated steps to stop it. I guess that being offended is now a defence against violent behaviour.
    Sorry, this is a bit random!

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