More from my tropical garden

I don’t know the name of this one. The flower is about 2 inches high. The plant is a bush.


Eleconia. The plants grow to about 10 ft.


The fancy bromelia. The pink parts are leaves.

fancy bromelia 3

Flowers from my neighbor’s garden.

neighbours flowers

Mini sweet pimiento plant. It just appeared and is now about 3 ft tall.

mini pimiento

Oregano in a pot.


A tree bromelia which fell out of the tree. Now it is soon going to flower. About 4 ft high.


A Puertorrican Name (nee-amey) with a new shoot. Too late to cook this one.DSC01005

And a visiting beetle. Yesterday we had a visit from a 4-5 ft boa constrictor.

black beetle

That’s all. folks.




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