The Sun Also Rises

 What an inspiring country!!!! Guess where I’ve been the last couple weeks. Let me give you a hint: There is virtually no litter, no profanity, no violent crime, no graffiti, and no public smoking. And I’m not talking about just those civil middle class folks (although this country claims that 90% of its people are… Read more »

Source: The Sun Also Rises


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2 responses to “The Sun Also Rises

  1. This is from Todd Lilly of Busted Pencils

  2. OOgh, this is so (no pun intended) FOREIGN to my teacher’s soul! I smile broadly on the very first day of classes, and live for the laughter I can bring out of my children through the year. Sure, I can expect them to sit still, listen and work, but when we learn, and the light-bulbs turn on? We all, me included, light up together.

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