“Digital”, the new buzword

Now for more exiting and less mathematical stuff.

I don’t know if this is “the way forward” or “just bullshit”, but McKinsey knows (something).

So on with “Digital” in education:

This is the introduction –

Companies today are rushing headlong to become more digital. But what does digital really mean?

For some executives, it’s about technology. For others, digital is a new way of engaging with customers. And for others still, it represents an entirely new way of doing business. None of these definitions is necessarily incorrect. But such diverse perspectives often trip up leadership teams because they reflect a lack of alignment and common vision about where the business needs to go. This often results in piecemeal initiatives or misguided efforts that lead to missed opportunities, sluggish performance, or false starts.

And the rest of it is here


Have fun. The words are easy.






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6 responses to ““Digital”, the new buzword

  1. buzword ? Digital new ? Missing emails ?

  2. Oh, my. I could fertilize the lawn with that. There was some content in there, eventually, about the “internet of things,” but I feel like I need to go wash my hands…

  3. As I’ve personally experienced the digital revolution now being aggressively pushed into our nation’s schools, I can attest that Big Money technology/education “experts” invariably miss one essential point: Until the US eliminates current capitalist holds over both internet costs and availability while providing available-to-all, always-updated hardware/software equally across the nation, the theory that “Digital’s next element is rethinking how to use new capabilities to improve how customers are served” only points out that SOME customers (students) will be served. There IS a digital divide, and it is growing.

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