1. About me

Howard Phillips

Born in the UK 12/24/43

Recent activities
Retired from teaching in 2004
Emigrated to Puerto Rico, USA
Opened a ballet school with my wife, Nana Badrena (google her)
Its website is www.wbtpr.com
Performed in an acting role in various ballets, including “Coppelia” as Dr. Coppelius and “Christmas carol as Mr. Scrooge.
Also development of computer software in basic math, for schools and K-12
See other website www.mathcomesalive.com

BA Second Class 1965 University of Oxford (MA 1969) Mathematics
MSc 1966 University of Newcastle (UK) Pure Mathematics
MSc Tech 1987 University of Sheffield (UK) Control Systems

Positions held
1967-1969 Lecturer in Mathematics, Margaret McMillan Teacher Training College, Bradford (UK)
1969-1971 Research Assistant, University of Bradford (UK)
1971-1986 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Department of Computing and Mathematics, Huddersfield Polytechnic (UK)
1987-2004 Senior Lecturer, Department of Engineering Systems, University of Huddersfield (renamed)

Mathematics – from really basic to advanced engineering mathematics
Basic analogue and digital electronics
Control theory and applications
Computing – programming, real time systems design and development
Statistics – probability, Bayesian methods, multivariable methods
Operational research methods

Related activities

Development of software applications for statistics, business simulation, computer algebra, geometry, algebra teaching, numerous engineering demos.
Several of these have been commercially successful.
Supervision of trainee teachers.
Supervision of masters and final year undergraduate projects in engineering and computing.
Supervision of three PhD theses.

Statistical analysis of crankshaft oil film data, for Castrol UK.
Optimization of packed weight for chicken processing, Chickway Ltd.

Learning without understanding is a waste of time.