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New role for statisticians

The Onion strikes again, with real math humour (UK spelling, of course):

Picture of target not needed !

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Too Close for Comfort, a “must read” link

Forecasting the future of “education”, by Eli Horowitz

Prescient ??????

View at

View at

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Jonathan Swift rides into the classroom !

Check this out:

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Fractional doggerel – verse problem

Mary’s mother brought a pizza
For her little kiddies, two.
“Johnny, you can have threequarters.
Mary, just a half will do.”.

Then the kiddies started eating.
Soon Mary grabbed her final piece.
“That’s mine” screamed Johnny, then the fighting
Broke the tranquil mealtime peace.

How much pizza then was eaten?
How much pizza on the floor?
Mother swore and left the building.
“I should have ordered just one more”.


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Symbolic Scales, while thinking of Julie Andrews

a, the name for area
b, a letter much less used
c, a constant now called b
d, in calculus abused
e, for exponential growth
f and g, they’re functions both
and so we get to h
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
h, the one that tends to 0
but it never quite gets there
i and j, are indices
k, with h a jolly pair
then a lot we will skip past
x and y are here at last
and we’re learning math so fast.

and in case you don’t get the tune, here it is backwards

em, yar, hod

Merry Christmas to all my followers

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“Observe and make use of structure”. Observe would be a start. A tale from the chalkface.

Here’s my¬†little story:
It was a class of day release students on a Higher National Certificate course in engineering. I reached a point in one class with a relationship between p and q, p = kq, with k a constant. “What’s its graph look like”, I asked. Deathly silence. “Ok, let’s try x and y”. Result y = kx. Same question, same response. “Well, what about y = 3x ?”.¬†Same question, same response. So I wrote y = 3x + 2. Their eyes lit up, and they unanimously shouted “It’s a straight line!”.

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Halloween fun

Found on the net. With avocados raining down on my porch roof this seems a good use for them!


“To hell with pumpkins, try the Guaco-lantern

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Fractions, at home and away.

So one day recently I was bored, and then the following rushed onto the page:

Half of a big pizza is equal to two small pizzas – rewrite this in as precise way as possible.

one quarter

Is this 3 hours or 1/4 of a pizza?

How many hours equals 1/4 of a pizza?

Apologies to those for whom a clock face is a historical artifact.

How do I know it’s a pizza and not a cake?

Does half a day include half the night?

There are four feet in our yard, mine and my sister’s.

Would you prefer 1/2 of a round pizza or 1/2 of a square pizza?

Are ratios numbers or fractions (or neither) ?

Fractions are parts of the same whole. OK, I’ll have 5 quarters of that pizza (5/4 is a fraction, isn’t it?)

You cut, I choose !

This year fractions are parts of a whole. Next year fractions will be numbers. I guess the other party won the election.

2/3 and 4/6 are equivalent fractions. Equivalent to what ?

The word “fraction” has the same root as “fracture”. So something got broken. I think it was my faith in common sense.

The Common Core test question asked – How long is 3.25 hours. This could be 3 hours and 25 minutes or 3 hours and 15 minutes. I guess it depends on the grade level.

Back to the heavy stuff next time !


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Weather puts math aside !

It’s a nice breezy day but just check the weather map!gonzalo monday midday


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Times tables

I just had to share this:

Check out the rest at:

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