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More from my tropical garden

I don’t know the name of this one. The flower is about 2 inches high. The plant is a bush.


Eleconia. The plants grow to about 10 ft.


The fancy bromelia. The pink parts are leaves.

fancy bromelia 3

Flowers from my neighbor’s garden.

neighbours flowers

Mini sweet pimiento plant. It just appeared and is now about 3 ft tall.

mini pimiento

Oregano in a pot.


A tree bromelia which fell out of the tree. Now it is soon going to flower. About 4 ft high.


A Puertorrican Name (nee-amey) with a new shoot. Too late to cook this one.DSC01005

And a visiting beetle. Yesterday we had a visit from a 4-5 ft boa constrictor.

black beetle

That’s all. folks.




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No math, but Puerto Rico

So I live here, I like it, here’s a fun view of PR:

But here are some pics:bullfrog dogdish

The bullfrog in the dog dish.


The coqui (very small puertorrican frog that says “cock – ee”. I can hear one now.


And what the dog did with an iguana !



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Mathematics in my garden

So there it was, built from one clothesline to another, glistening in the sunlight one morning last week:


A near perfect spiderweb, demanding a better photo:

Here is  the horizontal strip, showing the variation in spacing of the spiral:

and again, with a superimposed scale. The spider is at the centre.spiderweb cropped with dots

And now rotated, to give more detail.spiderweb cropped with dots rotated

Now “Get modelling!”.


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A change from math – my garden in Puerto Rico

Ten years ago I came to Puerto Rico, to Mayaguez on the west coast, to a house with the usual vast expanse of nicely trimmed grass. Now I have the controlled jungle I always wanted. More time spent cutting things back or down than spent trying to get things to grow.
annual leaf
One leaf like this each year. A less successful part of the jungle.
My flamboyan tree. Best year ever for flowers.
flamboyan from below
And here from underneath.
monster plant
The monster plant. From 1 foot to 6 feet in 8 years, and prickly.
Ginger. Later the flower grows baby plants and more flowers.
baby apple bananas
Small apple bananas. Guineo manzano. Up to 300 on one stalk.
name unknown by me
I don’t know the name of this one, but it is 6 feet high and growing.
not weed
Definitely not weed.
voyager palm 2
Voyager palm, it flowered three times this year.
fancy bromelia
A fancy bromelia.weird fern tree
This is a fern, tree sized, with its annual one foot high flower.

There’s more, but I have to go out and cut some strays.

I am quite sure that there is math growing here, waiting to be spotted.


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