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“Why can’t I just get the answer?”

In the days of two add two
little kids knew what to do.
Now adding is an operation
with properties of commutation,
distribution, association.
God help the kid who answers “Four”.
“There’s more. They need an explanation.”

Common Core 2a subtraction

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“I can’t do math”

Not so long ago I was doing substitute (supply) teaching in a school in Yorkshire,England, and this happened:

“I can’t do math” she said to me.
“Oh yes you can and you will see
that you can do it on your own”.
I showed her how the cryptic code
was just a way of writing.
“The meaning’s there, give it a go,
and try to stop the fighting”.
The tunnel end came into view,
the light was bright and shining.
She did another, all alone,
and smiled with satisfaction.
Then turned to me and said again
“I can’t do math”

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