Spirit of Ecstasy

My grandfather is Charles Sykes, known also as Rilette, who designed the mascot Spirit of Ecstasy for Rolls-Royce in 1911, and manufactured the mascots in his studio up until 1939.  Here are samples of his bronze sculpture and drawings. I have a site with full details and many more pictures: http://www.rilette.com

erasmic7modifiedresized rita944moddedbwresized presentation ashtray mermaid kneeling mascotresized chernikoffresized Blame picresizedblurred bacchanteresized display mascot in New Yorkresized callofthewildresized abingdonroad1jpeg loves revolt motorcyclebull caranddogs motoring trophy 1934



2 responses to “Spirit of Ecstasy

  1. Wow! What a talented man! Thank you so much for treating us to these, and the detailed link. I’m fond of the proof works your grandfather made for the Tatler. A lot to be inspired by.

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