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The last performance – non mathematical in the formal sense.

In three hours from now (5.00pm PR time) takes place the last performance of Nana Badrena’s Ballet “DRACULA”, at the Teatro Yaguez in Mayaguez Puerto Rico. Created in 1999 in Cuba this ballet has been performed many times, in Cuba, Mexico, Pennsylvania, South America, and here. The ballet is based on the film from 1973 by Francis Ford Coppola.

This is our Ballet Company, Western Ballet Theatre, and we have a website http://www.wbtpr.com

(so it’s not just math !)(and theatre is the English spelling)
drac4Dracula seduces Lucy Westenra
drac6and then moves on to Mina, the reincarnation of his dead bride of 400 years earlier
drac7The vampires in Dracula’s castle.
drac3Jonathan, after Renfield grabs his valise
drac9The dramatic bed scene, as the drugged Jonathan wakes up.

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