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Too Close for Comfort, a “must read” link

Forecasting the future of “education”, by Eli Horowitz

Prescient ??????

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Jonathan Swift rides into the classroom !

Check this out:


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Read this!

This is a plug for Jose Vilson, in particular this post:


The comments at the end of this post about the futile nature of current math education by  Ted Dintersmith  should be posted on the side of the Empire State Building.


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Electronic pacifiers

I borrowed the picture from http://wordsonalimb.com/2014/05/13/self-destruct/comment-page-1/#comment-151

Thankyou, Lora


Would it be any better if they were calculators (graphing ones, of course)?

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The Classroom of the Future (next year?)

The vision below came to me the other day, and after reading Anthony Cody’s piece I had to put it up

You can find it at  http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/living-in-dialogue/2014/04/the_classroom_of_the_future_st.html

and it contains what before 1984 we would have called a 1984 scenario:

“In this mode of instruction, these devices become the mediator of almost every academic interaction between students and their teacher, and even one another. Students are assigned work on the device, they perform their work on the device, they share work through the device, and they receive feedback via the device. What is more, the means by which learning is measured—the standardized test—will also be via this device.”

So, it is a classroom in the future. 

“Now, children, we are going to measure the classroom.  How many Ipads  long is the room? And how many wide?”

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