Commutative, distributive, illustrative-ly

Here they all are, apart from associative, as it belongs to algebra.

gif commutative add

gif commutative mult

gif distributive law



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5 responses to “Commutative, distributive, illustrative-ly

  1. Oh, those are nice animations for illustrating the laws.

  2. How do you do the animations?

    • The square grids I did in PAINT
      I loaded them into Picture-It 10, added text, and used select and move or rotate for the movements. At the same time I had the free Screencast-o-matic to grab a video, saved it and then used the free Imgflip animated GIF to extract a .gif file, which works in the browser. A bit tedious! and very crude, but I didn’t spend a penny.

  3. Shankar

    Awesome animation illustrating the concept very elegantly I would say.

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