The Future

“How’s your Mary doing?”.

“She’s doing well. She’s 8 now. She’s in Grade 3. She really enjoys the Pre-Algebra and the Pre-Textual Analysis.”.


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3 responses to “The Future

  1. Do you mean 8 year olds can be proficient in complex subjects? Yes! I’m not sure if this is where you’re going with this post, but I told my third graders years ago that they had been enjoying algebra for years. After all, isn’t 6+_=9 algebra? 😉

    • This was supposed to be a dig at the overkill of some of the Common Core stuff in both math and ELA, I have noticed that the term “Algebraic Thinking” appears in the CCSSM in the overview section for grades k to 5, but there is no clue given to what the term means.
      I would say that 6+_=9 is an alternative way of writing 9 – 6 = ? or how far away from 6 is 9. I have serious concerns in math about the rush to symbols, when the ideas are still not well formed in the kid’s heads. Algebra and algebraic thinking are so much more than putting letters or boxes for quantities whose values we haven’t yet figured out.
      I found this on the net, it’s a good read:

      Click to access articles-01-kriegler.pdf

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